The Human Rights Commission is conducting the Pacific Pay Gap Inquiry to better understand why the Pacific Pay Gap exists and how it can be closed. 

Since July 2021, we have been engaging with Pacific workers with a special focus on those in the private sector in Manufacturing, Construction and Health, including the self–employed, businesses, unions, NGOs, and other community groups.


If the gap were to continue closing at its current rate, it would take 110 years before the Pacific Pay Gap was closed. We think that is far too long.  


We hope the recommendations of this Inquiry will contribute to the Pacific Pay Gap, and the Ethnic pay gap overall, being closed in a much shorter time frame than 100 years.

How will you protect the privacy and confidentiality of participants who are part of the inquiry?

The information provided either to our online survey, workshops, or our talanoa will be used solely for the purpose of informing the work and findings of the Pacific Pay Gap Inquiry. 


All information provided will be held confidentially. 


Personal information provided by individuals and information provided by businesses will be anonymised to ensure that the individual responses cannot be attributed to individuals and organisations/businesses in any report, publication or document that we generate. Please see our privacy policy here.